zondag 8 augustus 2010

uranium is oorlog?

vondst  140.000 ton uranium in Zweden http://is.gd/e8tB6 -  dan zal  america binnenkort zweden wel komen binnenvallen

Hee mensen, zou het niet gewoon gaan om de enorme hoeveelheid uranium-erts dat in de grond van Iran ligt ??? Dat is echt een gigantisch vermogen waard aan energetische waarde… Daarmee kan je de hele financiele crisis wel 20x mee bezweren…

There are HUGE uranium mines in IRAN. The Iranian Saghand-uranium-mine has some 1,5 million tones of uranium ore.  www.iranwatch.org/wmd/wmd-nuclearupdate-2003.htm
The energetical equivalent outnumers the oil-reserves by far...
But have a look at the uranium discoveries all over the world in history:

North-Korea: Uranium discovered in 1948, the Korean war in 1950 ... and a (Bank-of-England) communist regime upon the uranium mines.
Tibet: Uranium discovered in 1949, the occupation of China in 1950 ... and the Chinese atomic weapons in 1952, http://www.123himachal.com/dharamsala/links/tibet.htm
QUOTE "Tibet has the largest high-grade uranium deposit in the world".

Birma (myamar): Uranium discovered in 1962... a militairy coup .. and a (Bank-of-England) military regime upon the huge uranium mines, http://www.dictatorwatch.org/phshows/burmafacility.html

India: Uranium discovered in 1965... India has atomic weapons .... and the uranium mines are empty (Note: India wants to have control over the Pakistanian uranium mines... watch the prelude.... the hotel bombing)

Pakistan: Uranium discovered in 1968... a militairy coup .. and a (Bank-of-England) military regime upon the uranium mines .... with atomic weapons

Iran: Uranium discovered in 1972... the shah had to fall .. and a (Bank-of-England) totalitarian regime upon the uranium mines .... http://www.gl.iit.edu/govdocs/afghanistan/Industry.html

Afghanistan: Uranium discovered in 1990... the Taliban was mining uranium-ore ... and a NATO occupation in 2003

Iraq: Uranium discovered in 1995... Saddam Hussain was mining its own uranium-ore (near Mosul, where Donald Rumsfeld has mining consessions)... . and a NATO/USA occupation in 2002

Syria: was drilling for uranium-tests in its deserts and... in october 2007... Israelian fighterplanes destroyed the drilling-test-facilities...

Slovenia: Independend from Serbia ... for Slovenia with its uranium mine at Zirovsk so Slovenia has to join the European Union...

Kosovo: Independend from Serbia ... for Kosovo with its uranium mine at Gjilan so Kosovo has to join the European Union...

... so a war for the Iranian uranium mines ... which is worth lots and lots of money.... has nothing to do with ... religion... but with the un-outspeakeble amount of money (oil-enery-equivalent) ... that it represents.....

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